ACI Marina Korčula

ACI Marina Korčula is open year round. It is located in the harbor to the east of the town of Korcula, which lies on the northeastern coast of the island of Korcula.

The town of Korčula, referred to as “Little Dubrovnik.”is situated in the northeast side of its namesake South Dalmatian island. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns not only on the Croatian coast but in the whole Mediterranean ACI Marina Korčula is situated right next to the historic city center. The town is 130 kilometres from Dubrovnik’s Ćilipi Airport. In the summer, the ferries are a convenient way of transportation. The island has good ferry connections to Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula, to Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Lastovo and Hvar, and to Drvenik and the Italian towns of Ancona and Pescara. You can find fast catamaran services to Lastovo, Hvar and Split throughout the year, and to Dubrovnik in the summer. At ACI Marina Korčula you will get an unforgettable view of the town with old stone walls that have stood the test of time.

The town of Korčula is where the oldest Croatian legal code, also the second oldest among the Slavs, was issued. Korčula holds Town status since 1214. Marco Polo, the famous explorer and traveller, is one of the names associated with this town because this is where he was born. ACI Marina Korčula can be an excellent starting point for exploring not only Marco Polo’s adventures, but to creats your own. The town’s rich history and everything else that has earned it a privileged position among Croatian island towns, will fascinate you.

Around the island of Korčula, there are 19 smaller islands wi which means many gorgeous beaches waiting for the boaters.

Because Korčula has a long tradition of seafarers and travelers, the culture is a unique blend of local customs and what is brought home from travels. That is how Moreška, the knight game originated. This dynamic sword dance of black and white knights is over 400 years old, and it is a custom that survives only on Korčula.

Mooring: There are 159 berths on the sea and 16 dry berths. The marina is well-protected from all winds. Mega yachts up to 40m in length can be accommodated

Transportation: Korčula town is connected to the mainland by a regular ferry service to Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula. From Pelješac you can drive 130 km to Dubrovnik’s Ćilipi International Airport, or choose to take a ferry to the town of Ploče on the mainland. During the main tourist season you can use ferry service that commutes between Korčula town and the town of Drvenik on the Makarska Riviera several times a day. There is a daily catamaran service to Split, as well a daily ferry service from Vela Luka (40 km away) to Split. During the main tourist season, there are also ferry services to Rijeka and Dubrovnik.

Sightseeing: Perhaps best-known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula is a town on the northeastern coast of its name sake island. It is basically a peninsula, connected to the island by a narrow isthmus. This landscape makes it full of wonderful alleyways, and one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. If you're in the area on July 29th don't miss the Moreska. During the high season, the games can also be repearted on several other dates. Performed in Korcula since the 15th century, Moreska is a sword game and dance in which the knights of the White King battle the knights of the Black King to rescue the princess abducted by the Black King.

Approach: Korčula is a town and harbour in the north-eastern part of its namesake island. The harbour is divided into eastern and western parts, with the ACI marina in the east. If you are approaching from Hvar through the Peljašac (Pelješki) Channel the red lighthouse (Fl R 2s 7m 4M) serves as a landmark; its exact position is 42°57.8’ N 17°08.4’ E. You can spot the marina after rounding the lighthouse and the whole of the peninsula, which is encircled by the town walls, with an easily visible cathedral bell tower. The entrance to the marina on the south side of the breakwater is marked by a green lighthouse (Fl G 5s 7m 4M). The safest approach from the south is by rounding the Sestrice (Fl (4) W 15s 18m 11M) and Stupe Velike (Fl (Obscd) R 3s 9m 3M) lighthouses from the north, and then using the green lighthouse in the eastern part of the town harbour (Fl G 3s 7m 2M) as a landmark. During summer storms ou must avoid the western part of the town harbour.


Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, restaurant, a café/bar, parking, a small shop and a nearby fuel station. The marina is equipped with a hoist (10t) and a slipway.

  • Reception with an exchange office and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the ACI collection
  • Cashpoint
  • Restaurant, cafe bar, grocery store
  • Nautical equipment, household items and gift stores, hairdresser
  • Repair and maintenance shop, 10t crane
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station 0.5 km from the marina
  • Border crossing point in town open year-round
  • Room and apartments accommodation in the period from June till October

Korčula | Dubrovnik region

N42°57'31.25" E17°8'9.5600000000000005"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 20 71 16 61

ACI Marina Korčula

Ulica 37, 20260 Korčula

Driving Distances
Mark Dubrovnik
120 km
Airport Dubrovnik Airport
139 km
Airport Split Airport
152 km
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