Swiss Sailing Federation supports Sail for Smile

Sail for Smile: A good thing
Unlimited freedom, unforgettable moments with friends and total light-heartedness. All this is associated with sailing or sailing holidays. Only: Not everyone has the privilege to experience this, whether for financial reasons or due to a physical or psychological impairment. The sailing experience is also clouded by the pollution of the oceans and seas. Therefore, a yacht charter platform based in the Netherlands, has launched the initiative Sail for Smile.

How does Sail for Smile work?

As soon as a booking is made via the platform of, donates up to 3% of the boat rental for a good cause. "We want to do something good with the action Sail for Smile and support preferably the future-oriented youth work, which is extremely important like in all kinds of sport also in the Segelsport , explain Ulrich Küppers of GotoSailing. Accordingly, customers can support youth work in their own sailing club or specifically support a specific project to promote young talent. Customers who are not members of a club can choose whether they want to support a social or an environmental project. A donation to the partner organization OceanCare or could be considered, for example. "We donate up to 3% of the boat sum. This may not be much for the individual charter, but if enough members from the clubs take part, a nice sum can be raised", explains Küppers.

Swiss Sailing Federation supports Sail for Smile

In addition to Swiss Sailing, the German Sailing Federation, DSV also supports the initiative. From left to right: Timo Haß (Youth Chairman DSV), Mona Küppers (President DSV), Ulrich Küppers (, Martin Vogler (President Swiss Sailing)

Swiss Sailing stands behind the initiative 

The Swiss Sailing Federation also supports the campaign. "The Swiss Sailing Federation wants to make sailing possible for as many interested people as possible, regardless of any mental or physical impairment," explains Theo Naef, responsible for Cruising and former managing director of Sailability. "Sailing for all', however, also means that the framework conditions must be designed accordingly. By this I mean first and foremost an intact nature. Accordingly, the topic of sustainability is also of great importance in sailing. We must do everything we can to ensure that our offspring can also practice sailing in as intact a natural environment as possible".

Swiss Sailing Federation supports Sail for Smile

Originally published on  Swiss Sailing Federation.