ACI Marina Šimuni

ACI Marina Šimuni is open year round. It is located on the northwestern shore of the cove of Simuni, in the Maunski Canal. You will find the cove and the village of Simuni located on the western shore of the beautiful island of Pag.

ACI Marina Šimuni is situated in the west of Pag Island, in the Maun Channel. Because it is the last marina in the Kvarner archipelago, you can spot it as the north entrance to Dalmatia. Pag has a very different rocky landscape, not like the other Adriatic islands. You can see that colors are different on this island; with the sun shining almost all year round on the rocks. On the island, you can discover a traveller’s treasure comprising of history, culture, and food. This unique environment is also interesting to discover in terms of what the islanders have accomplished to survive and to make it comfortable to live in.

With very little vegetation, Pag’s rocky landscape may make you feel like you’re on some other planet. The strong bura winds are constantly blowing in the foothills of the Velebit mountains, bringing salt onto the stony soil. It will be interesting to see the sheep grazing in this whitish area, chewing on the scarce leaves of grass. There are many easy ways you can reach Pag. You can use the 340m bridge (driving from Zadar via Posedarje), or the ferry from the mainland port of Prizna to Žigljen in the north of the island.

The town of Pag itself is an architectural wonder. With a grid plan created by one of the greatest Croatian architects – Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico), you will see that everything in Pag is very neat and organised. The town walls, towers, forts, squares, churches, monasteries, palaces and citizens’ houses all fit beautifully into the plan.

On the contrary to what the landscape would suggest, you can find numerous drinking water springs on Pag. Originating from the slopes of the Velebit mountain range, the water passes under the seabed before reaching the island. There are also three freshwater marshes on the island: Veliko blato, Malo blato and Kolansko blato.

Pag is also known for its vibrant nightlife. Not far from ACI Marina Šimuni, and close to the town of Novalja, Zrće beach is highly popular among young people as a clubbing destination. On Zrće the party goes on 24/7, giving it the name “Croatian Ibiza”.

Mooring: There are 191 berths for yachts up to 18 meters and place fo 45 boats on land. The marina is protected from winds and sea.

Sightseeing: As the most economically developed of the Croatian islands, Pag is well known for its special sheep, cheese and traditional lace. With a particular charm of its own, Simuni is a small fishing village about 11km from the village of Pag, which is located in the Bay of Pag. Here you can enjoy the shallow sea is and the mud that is known to be healing. The history of Pag goes back to the 15th century, and you will see that some parts of the town wall, the Collegiate Church and St. Marguerite Church (both 15th century) are well preserved. You can enjoy nice panoramic views from the tops of St. Vid and St. Juraj. In the Basaca Campground, a yearly summer festival takes place.

Approach: During the day, you can use a chapel to the southeast of the village as a landmark. During the night the approach is marked by a green lighthouse on the southern tip of the entrance (Fl G 3s 7m 3M). The exact position of the lighthouse is 44°27.8’ N 14°57.5’ E. After passing the lighthouse, keep to the middle of the channel until you can see the marina. There is a shoal on the western side of the entrance to the marina, and therefore the middle of the bay should be kept to while entering. If you’re approaching at night or in bura winds, you are recommended to head for a berth in the north-eastern sector of the marina.


Facilities include a reception office, showers and toilets, water and electricity hook ups, a restaurant, a small shop and an exchange office. There is a crane (15 t) and a slipway for yachts up to 8 meters.

  • Reception with an exchange office and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the ACI collection,
  • Cash point
  • First-class seafood restaurant
  • Grocery store
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision
  • 15t crane, maintenance and repair shop, slipway for boats up to 8 m in length
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station in Novalja harbour (7 nm)

Pag | Zadar region

N44°28'9.4299999999999997" E14°57'19.579999999999998"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 23 69 74 57

ACI Marina Šimuni

Obala 1 23251 Kolan

Driving Distances
Mark Zadar
63 km
Airport Zadar Airport
73 km
Airport Rijeka Airport
127 km
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