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Trapani Port

In the last years, the Mediterranean sea has been considered the center of the international shipping trades. Trapani Port is at the same distance from the Suez Channel and from the Gibraltar Strait, therefore, it can be considered a port in the center of the center.

Further, the port is situated between the traffics that move from East to West and from North to South. This center position makes the Sicilian port a great place for short sea shipping traffics and all other traffics like general cargo, container and also cruise and yacht traffic.

Trapani Port

Trapani | Sicily

N38°0'45.84" E12°31'8.59"

VHF 12

[email protected]

+39 0923 444218

Trapani Port

91100 Trapani, Italy

Driving Distances
Mark Trapani
3 km
Airport Vincenzo Florio Airport
18 km
Airport Palermo Airport
86 km
Sailing Distances