Provisions for no cooking boat recipes

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Rainbow fruits on skewers or simple ‘meze’ dishes… You don’t even have to cook, just putting together some simple recipes will add to the joy and make you the star of the day. Just plan ahead and add the right stuff to your provisions list.

Provisions for no cooking boat recipes

Doesn’t matter if you have a boat cook or not, preparing some boat friendly recipes with your own hands will be one of the most pleasant and memorable experiences; for you and everyone else. Leaving out good old sandwiches, we gathered a few basic recipe groups that you can develop for yourself, depending on what you like and most importantly, your provisions. We don’t want anyone fighting over the remaining breakfast cheese, so we added some provisions–list tips as well. If you decide to prepare any of these recipes, remember to put the extra items to your list.

Salad tricks

Add to the list: Extra deli meat; canned boiled beans, chickpeas, corn; walnuts, hazelnuts; your favorite salad cheese. With generous ingredients, you can always turn salad into a festive meal. Refreshing, juicy and chewy- salad is the ultimate boat food. You just need to get the right mix with the right ingredients. Some processed meat like salami, bacon or pastrami which you don’t need to cook, grated cheese and boiled beans are what work best but you can also use nuts. Or if you can find the right balance, all of these together. If you’re confident with your cooking skills, just get creative and improvise.

‘Meze’ maker: Olive oil, yoghurt, minced garlic

Add to the list: Extra yoghurt, canned cooked vegetables like peppers, eggplants, lots of garlic

If it’s not your first time in the Mediterranean, you’re probably familiar with the concept. You can use the two combos: ‘olive oil/ minced garlic’ or ‘yoghurt / minced garlic’ to turn almost everything into a cold dish called ‘meze’. Meze makes a great side dish for meat meals or an appetizer to enjoy especially with wine, raki or ouzo. Possibilities are endless with cooked (steamed, grilled or fried) vegetables but since we said no cooking, you can always go for cooked canned versions of the vegetables. Grilled eggplants and red peppers are easy to find in local supermarkets. Just get whatever you can find and put a sufficient amount of garlic- yoghurt or olive oil- garlic over it. You can always add fresh herbs like parsley or mint for the finishing touch.

Skewers for everything

Add to the list: Lots of skewers. If somehow forgotten, go for uncooked spaghetti

Skewers are probably the best kitchen idea ever. As a method used since the dawn of civilization, no doubt that it will work perfectly for the boat, even without the cooking part. Not to mention that it’s easy to eat and kid-friendly... Take your fruits and put them on the skewer for a lovely rainbow colored presentation. For an afternoon snack, prepare some cheese sticks with refreshing tomatoes, cucumbers or lettuce in between. You can even add pickles, diced bread or deli meat to the mix. No matter how you choose to place your food on the skewers, they will always look good and make great pictures for social media.


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