October: The golden season for Mediterranean charters

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When the high season is over, then comes a time which only the luckiest charterers can enjoy. The wind and the sun are both gentle, the sea water is still warm. And yes, the boat prices are sweet.

October: The golden season for Mediterranean charters

October is a great time for a charter holiday in the Mediterranean and in the Aegean. For two good reasons: Boats are cheaper and it’s still warm enough to enjoy swimming and all other summer activities. So the charterers who don’t have school age kids can experience the lovely Mediterranean autumn in the best way possible.

The ideal climate

You might hear the locals call October weather names like lemonade or syrup. After the raging heat of the summer, it’s that sweet, refreshing and pleasing. After months of high 30s or even 40s, October in the Mediterranean has an average of 23 degrees celsius. If you’re from a northern country like Russia, Germany or Netherlands, this could be your July temperature. For October, the sea water temperature is around 20 degrees in the Aegean while the number can go up to 25 degrees in the Mediterranean. So all is well if you want to swim, dive or sunbathe. These temperatures are also great for adventures ashore. Walking in the sun to visit historical sites or local markets will be much easier compared to July or August. This time of year is also ideal for little kids and upper middle aged folks as they might not tolerate the heat of the Mediterranean summer as easily as others.

Sweet prices

The most expensive time of year for sailing is July to September. Beginning from the end of September, all through October and maybe a week into November, the weather allows for enjoyable charters while the boat prices go down considerably - sometimes to the rate of 30 percent. You will also find that more boats are available for your chosen dates. This means that you can always go for better equipped boats within the same budget and add some extra luxury to the experience.

More fashion, more romance

If you decide to go for an October charter, one of the biggest differences compared to summer months is that you’ll need actual clothes. Not just a couple pieces of swimwear, pashminas and cotton t-shirts… It can get chilly at night or in the evening, so you must remember to pack a warm-preferably waterproof- jacket, socks and pants as well as some long sleeved t-shirts. If it rains a little, you can always enjoy the romance in your warm clothes while you sip your wine on the deck and watch the wonderful scenery.


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