Sailor's Stuff Presents: The Top 10 Best Sailing Movies of All Times
Sailor's Stuff, Life Aboard Presents: The Top 10 Best Sailing Movies of All Times

A sailor is a sailor everywhere and at all times. Even if she has to live on land, the sea is always on her mind. We know it from ourselves that the best remedy for a sailor away from the sea is to read about the sea, watch sea movies and dream about sailing…

Facts That Are Actually False About Renting A Boat
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Facts That Are Actually False About Renting A Boat

If you have never taken a sea holiday, you might also be affected by prejudices about a vacation on the boat. But no worries, you can just get rid of all those misconceptions by renting a boat via and taking the vacation of your dreams.

That Special Charm of
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That Special Charm of "Spring Sailing Break" in the Mediterranean

Although the calendars say we’re still in winter, spring is actually just a week away. It’s time to get in the grove and plan your sailing holiday! No need to wait for the summer to leave the winter blues behind. As you return from your ‘spring sailing break’ in a springy mood, those waiting for a summer vacation will be surprised to see your smiles.

Women to the helm!
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Women to the helm!

When you talk about boats, many people still imagine a man on the helm, and a beautiful woman next to him, gazing in the distance. But, actually there are so many women buying their own boats, renting yachts ‘girl-to-girl’ to cruise the seas by themselves… Don’t you also think it’s high time to take over the helm? Here are some of the inspiring sailor women of the past and present…

Catamaran charter = Your comfort on water
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Catamaran charter = Your comfort on water

If a cozy sailing holiday is what you’ve been longing for, you might include a catamaran in your plans. With their ease of handling and comfort, catamarans represent the Mediterranean style onboard. Catamarans have countless advantages. And, what about their disadvantages? Well, those are of their owner’s concern, so if you’re renting a catamaran, you’re only there to enjoy it!

Watching for the Meltemi winds
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Watching for the Meltemi winds

It can be a much welcomed breeze in the summer heat and give you clear skies. But it can also make the sea so rough that you might need to change course or wait for it to die down. Here are both sides to the coin.


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