How to keep the kids unplugged

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Bareboat or not, sailing with kids is not easy. They might not enjoy the long cruising hours as much as we do. When they get bored and danger bells start ringing, computer games are only one of the many solutions to keep them busy, entertained and safe.

How to keep the kids unplugged

On a boat, there is simply not enough room for children to run around and play as they normally would. And we probably wouldn’t want them to because especially if there are more than a few of them on board, regular playing activities can become safety concerns. So, adding to their screen time might look like a good solution. It usually is. But we don’t want them to miss out on a memorable experience, either. So, here’s some tips to keep the kids away from computer games and get them involved in the charter adventure.

Make swimming more fun (and tiring)

Swimming is one of the most fun activities for kids. So, we must play this card well. Races, water sports, long distance swimming adventures or skin diving … Whatever we can come up with to get them to burn out their seemingly endless energy would work. This way, we can also guarantee a good night’s sleep or perhaps a most welcomed afternoon nap.

Give out titles and duties

Giving kids some responsibility with the daily chores aboard and decorating them with crew titles would immediately turn the boat into a playground. Little snack officers who give out afternoon snacks or towel managers who hang up wet towels make our day more fun too. This kind of roleplaying would also prepare them as future sailors and give them wonderful memories.

Use more art and board games

We all know the power of art when it comes to entertaining kids. But being on a boat can take art to new dimensions as body or face painting becomes incredibly easy to do and clean. You can even consider having daily contests where kids paint their parents or vice versa. As for the board games, you might want to go for ones that appeal to adults as well. And a boat holiday can always be the right time to teach your kid a few games or tricks with playing cards.

Keep them informed

For the kids, it’s not always about the journey and they might want to know about the destination as well. Open out maps to describe the destination and give as much information as you can about the places you’re about to visit. We can always use the power of stories to create an atmosphere of excitement.

Mind the fear factor

Although we obviously want to keep them safe, we don’t want them to get too scared as we inform them of the dangers aboard. Similarly, in a case of bad weather, we must do our best to make them feel safe so that they wouldn’t lose their sailing enthusiasm and we can always come back for more.


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